For Chemistry 2 students:

Here is the Titration of Vinegar Lab report that you will need to fill in. A few notes:
  1. Fill in italicized information (the title, problem, showing calculations, etc.) and the data tables. You can erase the italics once you have filled the information in. For example, once you write Titration of Vinegar Lab (or something to that effect for a title), you can erase the Put Title Here.
  2. You will need to refer to A Natural Approach to Chemistry Laboratory Manual pages 107-108 for parts of the report.
  3. You may choose to type or carefully handwrite the acid-base reaction and the calculations. If you choose to type them, the teacher will show you how.
    • When you are typing the acid/base reaction, you will need to use subscripts, superscripts, and italics.
    • When you are typing your calculations, you will need to use Microsoft Equation Editor.
  4. When you need to save, save the file as LastName.FirstName.Titration on the desktop of the computer. For example, it might read Siverling.Emilie.Titration.